As a respected and experienced cosmetic dentist, Dr. Andrew Finley has become an expert in dental implants. Utilizing cutting-edge techniques and state-of-the-art materials, he and his dental care team work to deliver perfection in high-quality tooth replacement procedures. A long-term alternative to bridges and dentures, dental implants offer comfortable, hassle-free options to those with missing teeth.

With implants, small titanium posts are implanted in the jaw bone at the spot where teeth are missing. The titanium bonds securely with the bone, acting as an artificial root, and as your mouth heals, it creates a secure foundation where crowns or dentures can securely rest. The end result is the patient can return to eating virtually the same foods as before, and they can confidently smile since the replacement teeth look and feel natural. Plus, implants can help restore facial contours and prevent bone deterioration.

It all sounds straightforward, but the dental implant process is a delicate blend between science and art. The implant is a surgical procedure, one that’s safe but needs to be performed by a qualified professional. It also needs to be performed with great subtlety and an eye toward the aesthetics of the mouth. When an implant is done right, nobody realizes it’s anything but a natural-looking tooth.

Dr. Andrew Finley and his staff have years of experience and a passion for perfection when it comes to dental services. We utilize quality materials designed to provide you with years of functionality, and we have the expertise to perform implant procedures flawlessly. When you schedule an appointment with our experienced staff, we’ll thoroughly go over all of your options. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact us online or by phone today.